Master used to stay in tent in the midst of a wooded area in Hsihu, Taiwan, during the early days.


Master rewarded disciples with the 'Joy rice rolls' She made with Her own hands.


Master was particularly delighted during the Munich lecture because she once lived there before. It was part of the European leg of Her worldwide tour in 1993.


German TV broadcasters visited Master and produced a special TV program.


In 1993, Mayor Fasi of Honolulu presented Master The Honorary Citizenship Award and declared October 25 - The Supreme Master Ching Hai Day.

Master gracefully declined to blow out the candles explaining that She did not want to blow out the light but also keep the light shining forever.

A cute Cambodian girl shyly responds to Master's greeting.

Master's delightful surprise to everyone during a Ching Hai Day performances. Master plays the leading role and dances
gracefully on stage.

Seeing the flood victims in California waiting for food out in the cold for hours, Master immediately invited everyone to a nearby store for a meal. Over a hundred people quickly went in and bought out everything hot the store had.


Master was in a particularly good mood that day. She went to the kitchen and treated the disciples to a big meal of love.