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Hsihu Ashram Photo Art
Many initiates who have attended the international retreats held in Hsihu Ashram, Formosa remember the place with fondness and love. Initiates will also remember that Master promised to build a place of beauty and peace which reflects the heavenly realm so that all who came there to meditate will be able to find a piece of heaven on earth, free from worries and concerns of the material world. Indeed Hsihu is a lovely land of heavenly peace which all initiates treasure. We bring to you, a photo artistic journey of a visit to Hsihu in all its glorious splendour.

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Video Conference Setup

The internet video conference is a great way to meet with Master visually. In order to help your center prepare for it, we have a short tutorial listing all the required equipment preparation, as well as advice on what to buy. We wish all centers a successful video conference with Master !

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